Initially the .223 WSSM was well received and rifle sales remained steady. 250 Savage, 100 gr. With 100- to 120-grain bullets, velocities approach that threshold, but the newer cartridge can do so only by operating at higher pressures—65,000 psi compared with the .25-06’s 53,000 psi. We do not take preorders or back-order items. Nothing could be further from the truth. 223 Win Super Short Magnum (WSSM) Load Data; 6mm PPC-USA Load Data; 6mm Creedmoor Load Data; 6mm Bench Rest Remington Load Data; 243 Winchester Load Data; 6mm Remington Load Data; 243 Win Super Short Magnum (WSSM) Load Data; 240 Weatherby Magnum Load Data; 250-3000 Savage Load Data; 257 Roberts Load Data; 257 Roberts Ackley Improved Load Data From what I've read, velocities are similar to the standard 243 … It is a little fickle to hand-load for however. In 2004 Winchester released the .25 WSSM, then in 2006, the company folded. Rounds: Clear: Add to cart. Test results show that even in non-chromed barrels, the wear performance of WSSM calibers is equal to the beloved 22-250. 25-35 Win, 117 gr. I bought these several years ago and have never even put a bullet down any chamber. Came across a pretty awesome sounding AR15 upper from Dtech in 243 WSSM. This item is very nice product.… Comes with loaded rounds and empty cases. Please note, the following information reflects the estimated average ballistics for each caliber and does not pertain to a particular manufacturer, bullet weight, or j Fired approx 100 rounds. Caliber: Bullet Weight: Overall Cartridge Length: Muzzle Velocity: Trajectory at 300 yds(100yds zero) Muzzle Energy(Ft. IMR 4350: WLR 2.220: 24" 3560 fps: Consistently accurate from all three of my 243 WSSM rifles. If you searching to test 243 Ammo Fps And 243 Wssm Ammo Cabela 39 price. To help maximize accuracy even at a long range, there is a polymer tip, base boat tail design, and a… Yes, the max velocity can be pushed higher, but then I honestly wouldn’t even consider it a varmint rifle. Winchester 760: WLR: 2.285: 24" 3600 fps: Sub MOA: 55 Gr. Lbs.) The shots are taken with my Winchester Model 1885 in 243 WSSM. SP at 2230 fps A Winchester .257 dia. The .25 WSSM is much easier to hand-load for and, with the heavier bullets, puts out some serious energy. I am using 55g Ballistic Tip bullets that chronograph at 4240 fps … In chromed barrels, … .243 WSSM / .243 Winchester Super Short Magnum (IMR Data) reloading data with 52 loads. Ballistic Tip: Winchester Factory Load 22" 4080 fps: Sub MOA: Same 55 Gr. For Sale: 25, 243 and 223 WSSM Winchester Model 70 Coyote In the pictures from top to bottom are the 25, 243 and 223. The short, fat case allows a smooth, efficient burning curve that is conducive to accuracy, which the 243 WSSM has. Powders include IMR Hendershot’s “Extreme” Custom Ammunition is your best source for 243 WSSM ammo! I load it so they fit in the well, and it likes it. The deer dropped after taking 3 or 4 steps. 2950. It uses a .300 WSM (Winchester Short Magnum) case shortened and necked down to accept a .243in/6mm diameter bullet, and is a high velocity round based on ballistics design philosophies that are intended to produce a high level of efficiency. Hornady V-Max: 46 Gr. 243 Winchester: XP3: 95: 2027: 3100 . The 243 Winchester Super Short Magnum or 243 WSSM is a rifle cartridge introduced in 2003. I can't see the 243 wssm doing anything less. Winchester .243 dia. The 243 WSSM has also been deadly on elk. HANDGUN BALLISTICS. 243 WSSM rifle ammunition for sale. COOL STUFF : 25 ACP 32 ACP 327 Magnum 380 ACP 9mm Luger 357 Magnum 357 SIG 38 Special 38 Super 40 S&W 10mm Auto: 41 Magnum 44 Magnum 44 Special 45 ACP 45 GAP 45 Colt 454 Casull 460 Magnum 480 Ruger 50 AE 500 Magnum: 223 Remington 243 Winchester 243 WSSM 100 gr SP 3000 fps (20 Rounds)(New) $ 50.00. All of the ammunition listed on our website is in stock and ready to ship from our warehouse in High Point, NC. 243 Winchester Super Short Magnum ammunition for sale with free shipping on bulk ammunition orders available only at Target Sports USA. I came up 12 minutes and held one minute into the wind. 243 WSSM, 95 gr. I am sending a 120 grain bullet out of a 22" barrel on my AR at just under 3000 FPS. We sell ammunition by the box and bulk ammo in case quantities. .243 caliber has been around since the fifties. The farthest I have killed with this round is 626 yards. Bullet diameter is .257". To me, that’s not all that impressive for 15% more powder. The .25 WSSM was designed to duplicate the .25-06, and in some instance, it does. Varmints – Hornady 58gr & 75gr V-Max, Nosler 70gr Ballistic Tip, Sierra 70gr BlitzKing. Winchester Ballistic Silvertip Rifle Ammunition .243 WSSM 95 gr BST 3150 fps - 20/box. The .223 WSSM was introduced in 2003 by the Browning Arms Company, Winchester Ammunition, and Winchester Repeating Arms Company. A .223 WSSM with the same bullet and 41 grains of Varget clocks at just over 3700 FPS. According to data published by the Hodgdon Powder Company, an 87 grain Sierra soft point bullet in front of 40.0 grains of VARGET powder achieves a MV of 3198 fps. Design criteria were that it had to exceed 243 Winchester ballistics, which it does: A 55-grain varmint load exceeds 4000 feet per second; a 100-grain "big game" load develops 3110 feet per second. Monolithic Munitions record setting 223 WSSM 40g HV 4700 fps load vaporizes a watermelon like no other. Refer to … 243 Winchester Super Short Magnum Wikipedia Supreme Elite Supreme Centerfire Rifle Ballistics Able Ammo 223 Wssm Ballistics Gunners Den Thank you for visiting 223 Wssm Fps, we hope you can find what you need here. I shoot a 243 win and can tell you it is no slouch on out there. Here are a few various video clips from a recent Prairie Dog hunt. Rifles for the .223 and .243 Winchester are currently advertised as being available from Browning however future availability is difficult to determine. Ballistic Tip at 3250 fps G Winchester .243 dia. Proably 80% of my sales are WSSM AR's, but that's still a drop in the bucket on a national level. Tasco world class ( Japanese) 4-16x40 AO scope. I have a Winchester Stealth in .243 WSSM, and it it likes 95 grain Bergers. Also, if you read the article, you’d know that .243 WSSM is a very high performance, high energy, high velocity long-range precision and hunting cartridge that takes a umber of good features from other calibers and combines them in a way that no other cartridge does. With handloads, the .243 Winchester and 243 WSSM produce almost identical velocities in barrels of equal length. 243 Winchester Super Short Magnum ammunition for sale. In 2009 my son made a 205 yard one shot kill on his first elk bull elk with a 243 WSSM and a 272 yard one shot kill cow elk with a 243 WSSM, and again in 2010 Dallen took a cow elk with a single shot at 110 yards with a 243 WSSM. 243 Winchester 243 Winchester Maximum Loads Should Be Used With Caution - Always Start With Minimum Loads. .243 WSSM Minimum Maximum Case: Winchester Twist Rate: 1:10" Charge Velocity Charge Velocity Load Powder (grains) (fps) (grains) (fps) Density (%) IMR 4007SSC 42.0 3359 46.0 3602 96 Win 760 44.5 3393 48.5 3656 92 H414 43.5 3383 47.5 3627 90 H4350 42.5 3348 46.5 3561 95 Hunter 46.0 3365 51.0 3665 99 VIT N160 43.0 3344 47.0 3564 96 SKU: RA243WSSM100SP-20(New) Category: 243 Cal. Silvertip at 2820 fps C I get people that are shy about the .243 WSSM because they heard it is "a barrel burner" but then they will jump right on a .204 Ruger! The .223 designation is a reference to the popular .223 Remington . RIFLE BALLISTICS. Ballistics Comparison for 270 Using bullets from Hornady V-Max, Nosler BT, Sierra BTSP, Swift Scirocco, Speer BTSP. Great flat and fast shooting rifle producing over 4000 fps with factory loads. All rifles are at 95%+ condition from new. The .243 has been a great round, accurate, flat shooting and hard hitting. 243 WSSM AMMO. Limit 100 rounds per order per 30 days. Buy 22lr Subsonic Ammo Fps And 243 Wssm Ammo Bass Pro 22lr Subsonic Ammo Fps And 243 Wssm Ammo Bass Pro Reviews : You finding where to buy 22lr Subsonic Ammo Fp I head shot a coyote. Deer Size Game – Nosler 100gr Partition, Nolser 90gr & 95gr Ballistic Tip, Barnes 80 … Additional Information; Additional Information. Case length is 1.670" and cartridge overall length is held to 2.360" so that it will work in the same actions as the previous .223 and .243 WSSM cartridges. Winchester lists in their ballistics tables a very high muzzle velocity of 4,060 fps (1,240 m/s) with a 55-grain (3.6 g) varmint projectile for this cartridge. The load was a Speer boat tail 100 gr don't recall the exact load but it was moving out at approx. The 243 is always in the middle. (6mm - .243") Tags: 243 cal, Rifle Ammo. For ammo with Nosler Ballistic Tips, opt for Winchester Ballistic Silvertip Centerfire Rifle Ammunition. Supposedly shoots 55 grain bullets at over 4100 fps and can also mag feed bullets up to around 100 grains (depending on shape). The .243 WSSM can run the 115 Berger VLD at 3,150 fps and the 105 Berger VLD at nearly 3,300 fps. 243 WSSM, 100 gr. Read the article, .243 (aka 6mm) is a STANDARD caliber size. My longest shot has been on a whitetail doe at something over 400. Super X Power Point at 3110 fps F Winchester .257 dia. I whipped some of my compatriots the last time I was down on the desert by using the .25 WSSM and the 131 Blackjack bullet out to 1,500 yards. Leupold bases and rings. Before that I head shot a … EDUCATION 101. 243 WSSM RIFLE AMMO 243 Winchester Super Short Mag RIFLE Ammunition for Sale. Free floating and glass bedded barrel with a recessed crown. These are set up with special throating and longer barrels, of course. The following ammunition cartridge ballistics information and chart can be used to approximately compare .223 Remington vs .243 Winchester ammo rounds. The 223 and 243 WSSM cartridges are said to “burn up” barrels in as little as 300 rounds. This ammo is able to offer extremely long-range performance due to these ballistic tips. It is currently claimed to be the fastest production .22 caliber round in the world with muzzle velocities as high as 4,600 feet per second (1,402 meters per second), but this is not completely true. Find your best price for 243 WSSM (Winchester Super Short Mag) Brass | Bulk 243 WSSM (Winchester Super Short Mag) Brass - Search Engine 2020 The 25 WSSM is the lighter colored rifle more of a nutmeg color. 70 Gr. 3440 fps: Sub MOA: 75 Gr. Nosler Ballistic Tip: 47.7 Gr. I think some of the negative press about the WSSM line in general has hurt it, even on the AR platform.