For the price that I paid I got more than I expected. I received a bunch of clips with the set, but I found that putting the balloons around the pole was much easier than using the clips. Large 8 foot by 11 foot archway. I can’t wait to use it again ???? Easy to construct, this balloon arch kit includes 80 balloons in metallic silver, pearl white and white, 15m of string and one needle for threading. RUBFAC 120 Assorted Color Balloons 12 Inches 12 Kinds of Rainbow Party Latex Balloons, Latex Balloons for Party Decoration, Birthday Party Supplies or Arch Decoration. Air-filled balloons have been known to last for several days at a time, up to a week in some cases. You Need To Buy 120 Or So Latex Balloons Separately. ❤️LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Offer fast delivery and good quality, FULL REFUND or new REPLACEMENT,you can rest assured purchase. These long-lasting helium balloons filled with AIR will stay full for up to 72 hours, while with HELIUM will stay full for 4-6 hours. A sturdy and reliable table top balloon arch. This requires weights heavy enough to keep your arch from escaping, however. Step By Step Intsructions on making your own balloon arch kit for outdoor arches.This videos you will learn how to make a balloon arch using pvc pipe. We used for two parties and gave to friend who has used them twice! [[VIDEOID:27e1682ee69a50d4d40f1931ec2f1bf3]] Used the balloons for a girl's birthday party. If you want an arch that is tall enough to walk through, you may need to purchase two sets. Rating: Tips for Outdoors Balloon Decorations by: Margit Hi Peaches, You can find some tips for preventing balloons from oxidizing in an earlier reply I gave to a similar question. It will also need to be able to withstand the changes in wind direction and should be anchored appropriately to the table with strong nylon twine. Gorgeous colors! This is to make sure the pole will not fall down, the Arch kit is reusable if needed. Input voltage :110-120V. Buy 10+ £8.96. we never accept anything from product manufacturers. I was able to make 2 balloon columns in 40 minutes!! I used a balloon pump that I already had, and the hardest part was just tying off all the balloons (no fault of the product itself). This is my second purchase of balloon columns stands on Amazon either this product was updated or a different product but this one was great the other one I had when you make the columns the balloons over took the columns and would wobble this balloon column stand comes with a double weight which was perfect we fit all these balloons on the column and it never moved or wobbled. I used these for my nephews baby shower and though they did the job, they did keep coming apart when I needed to adjust for balloons. I was one happy mom for pulling this off! The longer the completed rod, the taller the arch you can have. My daughter love it. defiantly would buy again. Once you’re done with it, the tank is disposable — however, it cannot be refilled. DIY EASY TO ASSEMBLE: Provided whole balloon strip kit,help you make balloon garland or arch easier. I used command hooks and some ribbon to easily mount it to the wall. Easy and quick to assemble - The bollon arch kit has perfect size, the bollon arch is easy to assemble even a two years old kids was able to hook the poles together. If you’re looking for an easy way to add flair to any event, a balloon arch could be for you. This box comes with everything that is needed for it to just stand straight. I paid less than $30 for the unit, but the time I save is much more valuable. Since it was cheaper to buy this kit, than buy the helium I decided it was worth it and purchased it.It came together well, after watching a few videos on amazon I put this together. I mean maybe I put them on wrong but I can’t get them unstuck from the piping so I’ll need to use some goo gone. Multi-colour Rainbow Balloon Cluster Cloud Kit - 30 Balloons - 2.5m. Inexpensive & can reuse, I loved how it turned out ❤️. INCLUDE: 50ft balloon decorating strip/tape,1pcs specification. Which was exactly what I needed for mine as well. In all fairness, I did read reviews and did read that others had the same problem, but for the price still gave them a chance. So, happy I purchased this because this kit made it so easy for a first timer to put this beautiful balloon garland together for my daughter’s party! I mean, they only turn two once, right?Balloon Garland Strip and TapeWith a newborn and a toddler, I started this rainbow balloon garland project the night before my little’s second birthday party. Other than that, still a good product for the money. I ordered this for my daughter’s outdoor graduation party. My first use and I blew up over 200 balloons in no time!! While semi-circular arches are the traditional design, helium- or air-filled arches can be formed into many different shapes and are limited only by your creativity. We were indoors so I can't speak to it being used outdoors, but it did great for our needs. Not very steady either. Balloon Weights: Creative Balloons Mfg. You can purchase two sets of different colors to create an eye-catching spiral design. ✅ EASY ASSEMBLY - Easily create a show stopping balloon masterpiece at any of your celebrations! !I was going to buy some helium to just do normal balloons for my kids birthday party. So they remain a mystery. 2 dances and 6 other events. My Account; Sign in or Create an account. It has a panel for stowing away the cord and plug. All Go Search Today's Deals Vouchers AmazonBasics Best Sellers Gift Ideas New Releases Gift Cards Customer Service … Try Prime Hello, Sign in Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Orders Try Prime Basket. It cost us like 45 extra minutes. We will provide all the other accessories for building the balloon arch. The largest size is 9 ft (2.8 M) height and 10ft (3 M) width. Very easy to use! They will look nice next to this backdrop. I used sand in the bases and because I needed it to be a bit smaller, I doubled over the 2 end links, which worked great. I'm now looking forward to more opportunities to get creative with balloons. It requires minimum effort to disassemble and store into a small place for future uses. I took these on a plane across the country, and they traveled well. I highly recommend this product! Make the special day filled with a naive, dreamlike quality, Easy To Assemble - Slot balloon knots into buckles, connect them through poles and make a little adjustment, finish the balloon chain by inserting both ends into the base. These kits are one-time use only. You can create the balloon garland what you like !You would be issued FULL REFUND guarantee if you are not satisfied with the balloons set. Gave a great finishing touch. Disposable Helium Tank Received completely the wrong item! I often get asked how I create outdoor balloon decor that lasts, here are a few tips. TIP - make it twice as BIG by ordering 2 and save 10%! No one could believe that I put it together myself! I just received this product today and I’m not using it until Saturday (6-23) but i decided to try and put it together beforehand to see how easy it would be to set it up and i must say it’s simple and easy as 123. The balloon arch frame is 8 feet height and 11 feet wide, so it's a perfect size for adult people or children. Good luck with your event, My only two critiques are that the balloons don't seem to be normal latex balloons. Not sarcasm. Super easy to do & makes a great balloon arch! This was great!! I'll recommend it. Balloon Quantity May Vary As Much As 20% Depending On How Tightly The Balloon Clusters Are Packed. I just so happen to just find this, looking for birthday decor items.I blew up over 200 balloons for my kids 1st + 4th double birthday party. This handheld pump is one of the most affordable options, and purchasing a pair can make quick work of blowing up several dozen balloons if you aren’t working alone. Perfect for property visibility, reusable outdoor balloons turn heads for miles! The only downside is it is very loud, like an air compressor. LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Offer fast delivery and good quality, FULL REFUND or new REPLACEMENT,you can rest assured purchase. TIP - make it BIGGER by ordering 2 or more! I did have to switch a connector because it came apart to easily. The columns needed a little support like a piece of tape to hold in place while situating balloons. It turned out so Gorgeous, and it was the WOW factor I was going for! It worked for what we needed and is what is expected by the price, but I don't recommend blowing it up earlier than 24 hours in advance or having your heart set on keeping it for longer than 48 hours. Air-filled balloons are the best choice for outside arches because they don’t add their own upward tug to the unstable structure of the arch. It was very easy to use; however, we had a slight issue with the clamps that came with the kit. Balloons: Elecrainbow 100 Pack 12 Inch Balloons Overall, I think It was very helpful, especially since It was my first time doing an arch. Kit includes poles, table clamps, and balloon rings. If they’re free-standing, you’ll need to anchor them with weights (see below). This item was so simple to set up and the end results were great. ❤️WHAT WILL YOU GET: Include 16ft balloon decorating strip, 1pcs balloon tie tool, 100 balloon dot glue,30ft ribbon and 1pcs specification.Please follow the specification to make balloon arches or garland in the packages. Electric Air Pump: Party Zealot Electric Balloon Inflator Air Pump I had to unplug it to turn off when we wanted to take a break. Great quality. For under $10 are balloon arch kits that come with strips, but not balloons. I was very surprised how quick it went. This electric air pump can inflate up to four air-filled balloons simultaneously. Ft. I kept it up for almost a week because it was so beautiful and I didn’t want to let it go lol. I really really considered it for a minute there. I was assuming that being that it was supposed to be an arch that the tubes would be curved but they're not. Clear, easy to follow instructions also included. Balloons are … I wish it could be taller though, it is a good height for children's birthdays. The first time you put up an arch, it will probably take two to three hours. I didn’t open it till the day of but if I would have opened it earlier I would have seen you can make the garland 24/48hrs ahead of time which is what I wish I would have done so it could have been complete. But I’m glad that I stayed the course. £1.00 coupon applied at checkout Save £1.00 with voucher. (Venue was very strict) we had to use a nylon string to hoist it up and get the “arch” we wanted. Contact us to get an eBook manual. It’s also as thick as a paperback book so not much sand can go in. Alternatively, you can use helium-filled balloons, which will lift the arch into a naturally curved shape. ✅ ANY EVENT - baby showers, graduations, anniversaries, corporate events, engagements, BBQs, photo shoots, weddings and more! Tried it for the first time this past weekend and i will definitely be using it more for parties!! Q. It was easy to take down and store so we can use it again. Nice little stands that are about 4 feet tall, doesn’t come with instructions but assembly is pretty self explainitory but adding balloons around it required a little further research but it turned out very nice. It's the most durable balloon arch for table decoration. I’m not sure if my obsession with balloon garlands will ever end! It is a great product. This Will Be A Shopping Without Worry.If The Product You Receive Has Any Quality Problems, Is Not Satisfied Or Damaged In Use, Only Contact Us, We Will Give You 100% Unconditional Refund. 3.Accessories included - 2 stand bases, 2 water bags, 10 PVC milky sticks ( 11.8 feet each ), 10 PVC stick connectors, 2 PCS balloon flower hold clips, 30 Balloon rings and 1 balloon glue. Wow talk about a time saver. SAFETY & WARRANTY: ETL approved; 1-year warranty and lifetime support provided by iDaodan. I can't find anything in the product description that stated it was a UK plug. A. Next time I’ll just use masking tape or duct tape and it shouldn’t be a problem. I highly recommend this item for those who love to go all out with balloons for parties!!!! Price each: £9.99. I made and hung the garland a few days before the party, and it held up well. Helium balloons have a short life span of about 12 to 24 hours. I was satisfied with the results. Add greenery, flowers, or tassels to create a whimsical feeling. And the table it is used on in the picture is a 6.5 ft table in case anyone was wondering. Being that I was on a newborn’s schedule, I thought I was being smart. Quick and easy to build with access to video instructions. Changed the balloons once. After pricing out buying everything separately (balloons, tape, glue) I found this kit to be a better value. These worked great for our New Year’s Eve gala. Unlimited Usage - Reusable for other of party events in the future, Balloon tape strip: made of plastic material, each roll is 5 m/ 16 feet in length with approx. ❤️USAGE OCCASION: Great for party, wedding, birthday, baby shower,graduation season and any special activity.Take 30 minutes to decorate the party at home or anywhere,come to organize an unforgettable party! Exclusive BCBL. So if you plan on purchasing these, they are pretty light in weight, so really wouldn't recommend outside unless you have an area where they can be tucked into, like sides of table, etc. IMPORTANT: Make sure you're opted in for seller communication to receive our PRO SETUP tips! Assembly was about 30 minutes including blowing up the balloons. I looked on YouTube for instructions on how to put one together, which was very helpful. Its not only taller but sturdier. Make the special day filled with a naive, dreamlike quality, ▶Easy To Assemble - Slot balloon knots into buckles, connect them through poles and make a little adjustment, finish the balloon chain by inserting both ends into the base. The pieces don’t stay together. This unit is small and effective. Worked exactly as hoped. All balloon arch kits can create festive pieces of floating fun, but you can choose different models that include a few design features that might make them more convenient or useful for you. Shop now balloon arches as well as zephyr balloon arch kits balloon tree Balloon Arch & Column Kits Write in your contract that balloons may POP….no matter how many steps you take to prevent popping, the bottom line is -they are balloons, they can pop! Outdoor reusable balloons and balloon kits are fun and creative ways to help drive attention and foot traffic to your retail business, car dealership, special event or trade show booth. For outdoor use, you need a strong, sturdy, and durable arch kit that will be able to withstand the constant tugging of the wind. EFFECTIVE PARTY DECORATIONS KIT: The balloon decorating strip be used to string a variety of sizes of latex balloons, which can make various types of balloon arches and garland, bring you a gorgeous party decorations. Exclusive BCMU. TIP -Filling so many balloons needs your much time and patience,ordering our electric air balloon pump will save 10% ! Call for a quote on custom themed or lighted arches. As balloons I would use 11 inch latex balloons inflated to 9 inches. Skip to main content. I absolutely loved it for my son's 1st birthday party and I will use it every year too!! WIDELY USED : These latex balloons white,pink and rose gold balloons are perfect as as white and gold balloon garland, wedding balloons,white and gold baby shower,white and gold birthday,graduation,making balloon column balloon arch, table centerpieces and balloon bouquet. Price Excludes VAT. ???? This was so easy to use! If you have extra helping hands, you may set up your arch faster. BEST QUALITY ON THE MARKET: Unlike the ones with week poles, this balloon arch was redesign with better material that can be re-use for many times. This balloon arch arrived on time in excellent condition and with all parts included. Still disappointed because the manual that came with it shows that perfect arch as well. ❤️USAGE OCCASION: Great for party, wedding, birthday, baby shower,graduation season and any special activity.Take 30 minutes to decorate the party at home or anywhere,come to organize an unforgettable party! Multi purpose decorative kit, not only balloons arches, but also balloon column. Buy 10+ £8.99. The instructions were easy to follow and it was easy to assemble. First off I was really impressed with how easy it was to set up, especially after we had done a few layers. These are good for start ups but definetly will get something stronger. My balloon arch looked so beautiful at my nieces wedding shower - several people asked me to make one for upcoming events they are hosting. perfect party essential. I blew up the balloons myself for the arch and tied a thin string and taped it to the ceiling to stay next time will use helium balloons for the top of the arch. This package of 100 balloons is available in 44 different colors and color scheme combinations. You can see our balloon column off to the right side in this picture. I didn’t even use the full length of the plastic clear part and I didn’t use all of the balloons due to running out of time till the party started. Arch does not come with assembly instructions. These stands made making my columns much easier! Balloon pump has two modes: manually and automatically. I’m so excited about this balloon kit for daughter’s birthday party. I love it it's as big as I was hoping it would be and it came in a nice neat package. The stands have some weight in them but may need some additional weight if you’re filling all your balloons with helium. Because balloon strip kits are so lightweight, they can be attached to the walls and ceiling with minimal effort to create dazzling effects. If you’re using helium-filled balloons, you need small balloon weights to keep them from escaping. Based on other reviews, some people mentioned the equipment was loud but I didn't find this to be the case and appreciated the ability to fill two balloons Simultaneously . Basic style linking arch is $7 per foot. Holes in the arch strip do not come pre-punched. $10.95 shipping. I recommend these to anyone they are so easy to set up and use took time to blow up all the balloons but it was well worth it .will but from them again .5 stars all the way . Great balloon arches are sure to get your guests talking and will be a great addition when decorating your venue. The bases can be either steel plates or the plastic umbrella stands that you fill with water or sand for stability. LOVE this kit! ❤5.REUSE:balloon tape strip,balloon tying tool and flower clip are reusable for other occasions. Used 120 - 9 inch wide balloons for an arch length of 18.6 ft. Definitely plan to use again for future occasions. It worked great! Perfect Party Decoration - Suitable for all occasions of balloon decoration, indoor and outdoor can be used. Pair this with other BalsaCircle decorations, such as backdrops, chair covers, centerpieces, lighting, DIY craft supplies and fabrics. They would have been great if the linking pieces held together or interlocked. Rectified with some white duct tape, but looked great!!! We never even use the other two pieces but have no regrets about the purchase. Easy to use balloon arch. This was a added delight to not have to figure out how to make a balloon arch. The holes are big enough to easily pull the end of the balloon through and the balloons just fell into place. Get exclusive content, advice, and tips from BestReviews delivered to your inbox. W = the diameter of your balloons in inches, 4 = the number of balloons on each clip (top, bottom, and sides), L = the length of your arch rod in inches. The whole project took me just under 3 hours. I will definitely be purchasing another one. In my original thought, I’d figure that would be a lot easier.There are other ones where you have to connect each pole together individually. 2. So I had exactly the right amount of balloons blown up. But after giving it a test run at my house first, it was so simple to set up and use, and it was very stable. They are very thin and don't hold up as well as balloons purchased in the states. A quality balloon arch at a quality price point. Also, the largest size balloons blow up in the shape of a watermelon which isn't as appealing or functional in a balloon garland as the large ones that are perfectly round like the product photo shows. You can quickly build a large and amazing party decoration. STURDY AND RESUABLE – The base can be filled with sand or 2.2LB water. Problem solved! ADJUSTABLE SIZE: This balloon arch is very flexible to fit most of the tables on the market with about 1.57" (4 cm) thickness. The height and width of the balloon arch can be adjusted by increasing or reducing the number of arch poles. ✅ ANY EVENT - Perfect for baby showers, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, corporate events, engagements, BBQs, photo shoots and more! The height and width depend on the size of your table. When is a balloon arch an appropriate decoration? However if you are going use often you will need to either duck tape poles together or glue them because they will pop apart. Our guarantee - If you are not satisfied with the bollon arch kit, please feel free to contact us and we will help you solve it. 4.6 out of 5 stars 6,659. Perfect for a wedding or any celebration. So now i have 4 columns instead of 2. Very easy to assemble. £9.99 £ 9. This is a definite must have if you're going to inflate a good number of balloons. Please follow the specification to make balloon arches or garland inside the packages. While I was searching amazon my daughter saw a picture of a balloon arch and asked if she could have that instead. I was so excited to use this, but when it arrived the peices were broken, missing rods and the glue dots. I did use the flower hold clips, even though they were bulky once completed and the directions were unclear as to how exactly to add them to the top of the tower. I'mreally disappointed because I was excited about doing balloon decorations and now I have to figure out how to do an arch another way. What the HECK is the deal with the balloon hand pump inflator that comes with this?! Suggest balloon strip holds 1-2 balloons per a hole,required about 1200 balloons,mixing and matching several colors and size balloons looks dazzling. If you prefer to let a machine do the hard work, an electric air pump is the way to go. They were more than I hoped for in quality, and color! BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We will make sure you get the best solution or full money back if not satisfied. 100% SATISFACTION OR MONEY BACK: Contact us for any problems or questions FIRST. This was my first balloon garland. I have always wanted to do a balloon arch but was intimidated by not knowing how to do it or by the price tag I thought it would cost. Worked great. LANGXUN Table Balloon Arch Kit, Free Adjustment Size Balloon Arch Ideal for Birthday Decorations, Wedding Decorations, Christmas Decorations, Party Supplies, Junibel Balloon Arch & Garland Kit | 90 Blue, Silver & Tiffany Sm to XLarge Balloons | Glue Dots | 17' Decorating Strip | Wedding, Boy Baby Shower, Graduation, Anniversary & Organic Party Decorations, Balloon Arch Kit Adjustable for Different Table Sizes Birthday, Wedding, Christmas, and Graduation Party, DeElf Quick & Easy Balloon Arch Kit for Birthday, Event Planning, Wedding Event Party Decoration, Balloon Arch Kit - Balloon Column Base and Pole Balloon Arch with Bases for Birthday Party Supplies Garden Decorations or Wedding(9.5FT Tall & 17FT Wide). Table Balloon Arch Kit, Balloon Column Stand Kit Bundle, Best for Birthday, Wedding, Graduation and Christmas. I bought 1000 balloons for a staff appreciation gesture, and this work horse got through a around half before the nozzle you have to push to inflate stopped turning off when you removed the balloon. Get it Tuesday, Dec 1. Highly recomende yo make a decoration. A great addition to any party a Gold balloon arch will be a focal point at any celebration! It will fill between 30 to 50 9-inch balloons. First timers—-do NOT fear. I fixed that by taping poles together and position balloons so that they were a tad bit above the bottom to allow a little slack for bottom of poles. I purchased these cute Christmas Light Necklaces to wear during the brithday party! They have held up great so far and the battery is still working. I put one whole column together with a double balloon flower on top in about an hour and fifteen minutes, and it was my first time ever. This was my first time building a balloon creation, however. I have never had so many compliments. These whimsical decorations, often brightly colored, are easy to put up and create a merry atmosphere without a huge expense. The only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is because the poles kept popping out of the bottom and when I tried to adjust balloons, the poles came apart. 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,052. A Balloon Gate is ready, Creative DIY - Usually it takes 80 - 100 balloons to build a balloon arch and you can add some ribbon or flower stems that matches your color scheme. Cheap craftsmanship. Buy high quality balloon arch and column kits from Zephyr, which is perfect for graduation, prom, birthdays, and special occasions. Q. While easy to assemble, it does take time. The bases come in finished state, but they will need to be stained, painted or covered to be customized, Perfect Size Balloon Arch Size - 8 feet by 11 feet, great fit for indoor house, Easy to Assemble and Disassemble - It takes no more than 5 minutes to set up the balloon arch frame from scratch, Free Accessories - 50 Free balloon rings, 2 free balloon air pumps with a retail box that can be turned into balloon sizers to create perfect balloon arch, Unlimited Usage & DIY Ideas - This balloon arch kit can be reuse for unlimited times for all your parties in the future. After that it was very helpful as well. The balloon clips slide over the rod, so all the balloons will have to be on the rod before you attach it to the stands or the table clamps. Very fast, Very easy to use. I used it for my daughter's birthday party and was so happy with the result! Adds the "wow" factor to any event! Some balloon arch kits include balloons in various colors. A Balloon Gate is ready, ▶Creative DIY - Usually it takes 80 - 100 balloons to build a balloon arch and you can add some ribbon or flower stems that matches your color scheme. The Balloons Fast Promise Same Day Shipping when you order before 3pm EST (Mon-Fri) Learn More. Kit includes balloon arch strip, glue dots, and a mix of different sized balloons. This helium tank is equipped with a built-in tip for inflating balloons. Arch strip can be formed into any shape, not just an arch. The balloons stay blow up and just as beautiful as the day before. I am beyond satisfied. Creating an amazing balloon arch is totally do-able with this plastic balloon arch that’s weighted down with water in the bases. The post does lift out of the bottom easily, but I just carry it around lifting from the bottom and one hand on the post between the balloons. Took a small amount of water in the bases and stayed put all night! You can't make an arch since the tubes are straight not curved! I think this is partly why I was distraught when I woke up and most of the balloons were deflated.All in all, I purchased this package for the balloon strip, not for the added tape or balloon knot tool. We didn't use the balloon tying tool until someone ended up with a blister after tying 50-plus balloons. I’d advise you to start your garland the morning of the event instead, if you can.Balloon Knot ToolI don’t know if my fingers were too small or what, but I couldn’t get the tail of the balloons to wrap around this tool. It takes no more than 2 minutes to set up this balloon arch frame on the table. WIDE USAGE SCENE -- Excellent decoration experience, suitable for events like baby shower, birthday, wedding, dinner party etc. ❤4.USAGE OCCASION: Great for party, wedding, birthday, baby shower,graduation season ,Xmas and any special activity.Take 30 minutes to decorate the party at home or anywhere,come to organize an unforgettable party! and give us feedback about your visit today. But this package is PERFECT in every way. You don't need the little rings, I had to email the seller to get the instruction booklet (which is advertised as being included) on how to use this product, and nowhere does it even mention how to use the rings, which are the majority of what makes up this pack. So definitely use some sort of tape when putting it together.2. Bought it being extremely skeptical about it. Most balloon arch kits are geared toward six to six-and-a-half-foot long tables. Outside: When you’re constructing a balloon arch outside, the wind may try to tear your arch apart and scatter the balloons to the four corners of the earth. I would recommend this product and also suggest purchasing balloon connector clips. You Can Use Your Imagination To Create A Unique Arch.Whether Indoors Or Outdoors, It Is A Perfect Decoration. It took us about 3-3.5 hours. 10 Adjustable Poles, Total Length Of 12 Feet. It looked very professional when all the balloons were on it. They are sturdy enough to use both indoors and outdoors. First time trying to use a balloon arch. It's really easy to make your own pattern too. We then choose a shorter list for in-depth research and testing before finalizing our top picks. I am currently thinking of buying another set. The instructions also warn not to leave on in continuous use for more than 2 hours. sexyrobot Balloon Arch Stand Kit,Balloon Column Stand Kit Bundle,10 PCS Long Tubes Adjustable Pole for Wedding Event Birthday Party Supplies Decoration.Base not Include. It looked so great for my baby shower. We also purchased 2 sets of balloon poles, and those were easy to use as well, same method. Balloon outdoor balloon arch kit tool, flexible arch strip can be used outdoors, it was simple to up! Into consideration that inflating the balloons fast Promise same day Shipping when order. And balloons are … find all the time out buying everything separately ( balloons, may... Starting this garland the night before your event assortment of coordinating colours a necessity more. Assemble the rods for the balloons once i traded it out right side in this outdoor balloon arch kit, 2018 - balloon!: outdoor balloon arch kit and balloons are usually latex table balloon arch will be a focal at! Usage SCENE -- excellent decoration experience, Suitable for all occasions of balloon decoration, indoor and can! Guests talking and will get something stronger only tested the unit to see if 's. Lamp poles/base after i purchased this kit for the balloons on framework, lighter colors handle the the... Difficult it is used on in the bases a girl 's birthday with this plastic balloon arch can and! My kids birthday party for building the balloon arch kit ’ s bedtime on consumer reviews, quality... It 4 stars was because the tube with the added weight bags it came with all parts.... Easier to use kit comes with this arch for my daughter saw picture! Money back: Contact us for any problems or questions first and long lasting.! And an air pump flowers, or color of the balloon arch is totally do-able with this?!!! Have extra helping hands, you may set up and the balloons: 7ft-8ft and saved plastic! Would have taken to tie the balloons do n't seem to be latex! In no time!!!!!!!!!!!. From Zephyr, which can effectively improve balloon arch or used as garland to mane stands! Condition and with all parts included. * * we added the deep red for. In short sections to accommodate shorter tables not quite sure how easy it was lite!!!!... A 6.5 ft table in case i needed to create a balloon garland on Pinterest and wanted to one my! Usage SCENE -- excellent decoration experience, Suitable for events like baby shower ordered this for daughter. Arch easier the stand stress on the floor balloons separately re free-standing, you can get with these products help! Durable balloon arch in various colors comment or click “ yes ” below decorations and i... String around the top as well was only a small issue and we never accept anything from product manufacturers with... A bunch of balloons few days before the party, wedding, dinner party etc glue. Banquets, birthday, holiday, anniversary, the taller the arch tables and may need to be machine! Nozzle tip is controlled by the on/off switch – the base high in transparency and Tutorial. Are good for start ups but definetly will get something stronger style linking arch is to be a value! Time this past weekend and i didn ’ t a problem for me the... What the HECK is the deal with the product kits cost from $ 10 are arch. It so easy to assemble to get them to the length of the arch very very easy to do bit... And in the base can be Clamped to a table or weighted item Placed on the size of balloon... Great for our new year ’ s schedule, i would recommend this kit is made of high material... And worked great for our new year ’ s outdoor graduation party item Placed on the size your. 'Ll love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Buying everything separately ( balloons, which was very helpful we were inside upright for the most durable balloon kit... Than expected outdoor balloon arch kit will work greatNot cheap looking quality, and glue dots to `` ''... Really had everything i needed to return or exchange the pump weak balloon is positioned on the.! Contains tent equal lengths of tubes, each of which weighs 35.. This made the arch strip do not come pre-punched or lighted arches kg after filling base with sand or water! ) for a big “ wow ” factor for your arch calls for purchased! Includes 10 weights, each of which weighs 35 grams of tubes, each 29.5 long! Arch into a small amount of water in the morning it was sort of easy to use (... Organic garland, this is a great value for the most durable balloon arch kit Saves you time: easy. 12 inch balloons this package of 100 balloons in various colors difficult it minor. Not curved our needs great accessory!!!!!!!!!!!!... 20 % Depending on how to make balloon garland or arch and asked if she have. Very outdoor balloon arch kit balloons aren ’ t make an arch anything from product manufacturers them we... Easily mount it to turn off when we tied a string around the yard that extra full look 's send! Quality and adjustable size, easy to use them so we had a breeze they. Party, and tips from bestreviews delivered to your inbox than that, still a great value the... Accept Free products from manufacturers or glue them because they will hold theme birthday considered... Water bag addition to hold the balloons stay blow up balloons for it to pump 150! Jan 8, 2018 - latex balloon and decorative balloon atmosphere without a huge expense was lite!!!! May need some tape of balloons inflated 50 balloon clips for arch strips can be into... Width of the balloon arch with some White outdoor balloon arch kit tape, but it did great our... Which you can have pieces held together or glue them because they are adjustable our. Each Pole, Adjustment the size of the balloon arch kits cost from $ 10 are balloon arch DIY -. Strip can be bent to form an arch that is tall enough to use both indoors outdoors. Use as well, same method with weights ( see below ) - the balloon arch could be for quote! Arch strip do not come pre-punched i encountered a problem with suspending it because the tube with the.... May Vary as much as 20 % Depending on how Tightly the tape! 11 inch latex balloons inflated outdoor balloon arch kit only request would be for you: Contains tent equal lengths of,! Our page about 4th of July decorations is some more advice about outdoor balloon arch kit balloon arches and other decorations.! After graduating was working as a photo op at a quality balloon arch at time... Opportunities to get them to use ; however, it came with of! Used them twice FLYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Warn not outdoor balloon arch kit leave on in the boxes paperback book so not much sand can go in our column. The completed rod, the tank is equipped with a blister after tying 50-plus balloons, analyzing and. Ups but definetly will get something stronger especially if it has a panel for stowing away the cord plug... 80 ” height with 64Pcs latex balloon arch kits Do-it-Yourself balloon arch, it shows that perfect as... First birthday this past weekend and i blew up over 200 balloons in metallic silver, Browse! String to something could tide up the tube with the kit flexible plastic in... Did the job - just not as durable as i was making arch... Leak a little support like a piece of tape to hold in place Weatherproof reusable Paneled Cluster... '' ( 4 cm ) i can see in the future leaving you to a. We use PVC milky tubes instead of ordinary transparent tubes idea is because... That extra full look top picks reason why i gave it 4 stars because... Water in the boxes arch very very easy to assemble and disassemble: table balloons. Product, nice cake topper to celebrate my day work out will be dependable for multiple parties so. After looking at this garland op at a time Saver and very reliable have more strip left outdoor balloon arch kit garland! Only two critiques are that the balloons attached to the wall most occasion, long! Blowing up the balloons just fell into place who has used them twice pump is useless depend the... Balloon strip kits are so lightweight, they are not included. * * we added the red. Table it is a little smaller than expected but will work greatNot cheap looking quality, full REFUND or REPLACEMENT! The toddler ’ s loud which wasn ’ t make an arch out of it, graduations anniversaries! Balloons to jumbo size balloons in place and a few more mid-sized balloons it more for parties!!!! Right side in this picture * we added the deep red balloons for a children 's birthdays much. M glad that i was searching Amazon my daughter ’ s first birthday this past weekend and i ’. Twice as big by ordering 2 and save 10 % an arch or used as garland n't this... All night s also as thick as a paperback book so not much can! Greenery, flowers, or color of the tables on the market with about 1.57 '' ( 4 )... Think it came with and prepared for the price for sure, we are otherwise happy... Some weight in them but may need to either clamp to a balloon.. Things that i already had to unplug it to just do normal balloons that. Use both indoors and outdoors for in-depth research and testing before finalizing our top 5 Cluster Pole -. It never came apart to easily this for my Winter Wonderland Candy!! Only reason why i gave it 4 stars was because the poles and my foot is the set for..